A flexible job and an HVAC system tune up appointment

I do not have a very steady job right now.

I just tend to sub in the schools.

It is a fairly easy job for me. It allows me to have great scheduling as well. I can choose the days I want to go in on too. So it is like being a teacher but I can just go in whenever I want to. If I don’t want to go in I don’t have too. This works perfect for me. If I make an appointment I can easily work around it and take the day off. I actually have to make a tune up appointment for my HVAC system so this works very well. I am going to be making the appointment very soon. So on such short notice this works for me. I need to be home for this appointment because the HVAC professional is going to come to my house to check for defective parts in the system. I want to be there so that I know what is going on. I want to know if there will be anything wrong with the system. I can also find out if he is going to charge me for absurd things that aren’t even a problem. He will also clean my entire system because a dirty HVAC system can be a problem too. I am hoping that it will be a very short appointment so that if there is a half day available for me to sub I will be able to take it. Having such a flexible job is certainly the way to go.



HVAC tech