A smart business move to do AC repairs in Jacksonville, FL

My husband is hoping to open up a Jacksonville, Florida AC repair dealership.

There are a lot of AC repair companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, the demand for AC is at an all-time high. There are so many hot days in the Florida area. The heat comes as early as February and doesn’t let up until November sometimes. The heat can get into the 90s and the humidity is just brutal. Everyone needs to have a fully functional air conditioner in order to beat the heat. Well, that means the Jacksonville area needs experts for AC installation, repair, and service. My husband is currently working on the Florida AC repair side of things. He already got his EPA certification and is currently working on taking an exam to be a business owner of an HVAC dealership. He hopes that with enough time and more schooling, he can be NATE certified. With all those qualifications he is hopeful that will give him a leg up in the Jacksonville AC repair game. With intense heat and moisture, cooling systems tend to wear out. A little extra refrigerant goes a long way. There are other issues of course though. Things like lubrication on the fan motor belt, mold on the cooling coil, and a yucky condensate drain are common repairs that happen in the Florida area. I think it is a good business to get into. You aren’t going to get replaced with machines someday. The demand for AC in Jacksonville is never going to go down either. Everyone deals with repairs too.


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