Dog resting with radiant heated floors

My mom just recently went to a play with her friends.

She had to labor that day so she also went right after work.

She had asked me if I could watch the dog because she would then be in her crate the entire day. I did not want to do that to her. So I picked up the dog as well as brought her to my house. She loves coming over to my houseā€¦ My condo had radiant flooring inside of it. This means that my floors are heated. My moms dog is so tame when she is at my house. This is because the floors make her feel so sleepy. She cuddles right up on them on her dog bed as well as she is in heaven. I wish I could bring her over to the condo more often. She would love it I am sure. I will tell you though that she is not the only one who certainly loves these floors. I love them as well. It is such a game changer to not feel a chilly floor beneath your feet. Most powder rooms have tiles layed down on them. Tiled floor can become actually cool. However the heated flooring makes the tiles feel so warm. It was a actually different experience at first; When I step out of the shower I actually just skip the bath mat as well as step right onto the floor. It just feels so good! Both my dog as well as I can agree on that for sure, and dog resting isn’tso exhausting when you have the comfort of radiant heated floors, you should try it out in your own condo too!