Hiding an a/c maintenance from my partner

My partner unfortunately thinks she is quite handy.

  • Anytime something breaks in the home I just cringe.

She whips out her toolset plus gets to work. She is downright giddy to try her hand at fixing things. She usually starts out determined plus ends up super mad. She throws tools, swears, plus ends up making the maintenance worse. When my a/c quit during the Summer I hid it from him. A Chicago AC maintenance during the Summer isn’t exactly cheap however it isn’t as much as buying a new system. Our a/c was over 15 years old. It couldn’t take the use plus abuse my partner puts it through. It was truthfully like trying to hide an affair from him. I had to find a reason to get my partner out of the house. I then called a Chicago AC maintenance supplier plus begged them to come right away. I paid extra for an appointment that day. I also hurried the Chicago cooling repairman along since I didn’t want my partner to see him. I paid in cash plus cleaned the home to hide the evidence. I then never talked about it with anyone. My partner came into the household plus the home was perfectly cooked plus nobody’s feelings were hurt. I hope that I don’t have to call for another Chicago a/c repair. It was seriously stressful. I was blissful that a corporation was able to help me out on such short notice. I can’t have my partner see anything wrong with the cooling system. It is too delicate to take her form of repair.

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