I couldn’t do my own Chicago AC repair

I have been looking into Chicago cooling repairs for quite some time. I am not certain what is wrong with my air conditioner. For a long time, the air coming out of my vents has been slightly warm. I have cleaned the air filter, mucked out the condensate drain, and removed mold from the cooling coil. That hasn’t really helped things. I checked to make sure my outdoor unit was level so that refrigerant wouldn’t pool to one side. That helped somewhat. It hasn’t been totally fixed though. Chicago, IL ac repairs aren’t exactly cheap. We are a big city with a lot of demand for cooling repairs. The summer season gets warm too. Every time I think about AC in the summer the prices are sky high. I then think I can make it one more year. Well, I have done this for two years now. This summer it is brutal. The house feels so stuffy and warm. The AC repair isn’t going to fix itself. I went from being determined to fix it, determined to repair it after the summer, so now I am just afraid to call for a Chicago air conditioner repair. I think the cost is going to be obscene. I haven’t given my air conditioner any sort of love or care in a really long time. I have changed the air filter, but that is about it. I haven’t done any oiling, tightening, or AC service and that is what you are supposed to do. I am worried the Chicago AC repair specialist is going to tell me the system is totally shot.


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