Learned that A/C systems shouldn’t have water puddle under them

The A/C company did a good task and the price was quite sufficient

My cooling system was regularly kind of a wet mess! It leaked all down the sides of it, shot out water when it was on, and there was frequently a puddle gathered around it. I just regularly wiped it off, put a towel underneath and thought that was what cooling units do. It wasn’t until a neighbor of mine informed me that air conditioners definitely shouldn’t spit water. In Chicago, IL a cooling system doesn’t get a lot of use, when it does, a little moisture isn’t a big deal, and after the water levels went up and my friend’s reaction, I figured calling for an A/C repair would be a smart move, the Chicago air conditioner company was appalled by the condition of my A/C unit. The guy asked me when I last changed my air filter. I didn’t realize it was something I needed to do; So the answer was never. Then he mucked out my condensate drain, cleaned the cooling coil, added coolant, and did all sorts of other things. I was astonished by the mildew, algae, mold, and dust inside of my unit. It was really gross to consider the idea that I was breathing in stuff afternoon after afternoon. No matter what, I regularly felt kind of sick when I woke up in the afternoon. The A/C company did a good task and the price was quite sufficient. After they left I was shocked at how much better my component operated. No more leaking water, no more headaches, and no more loud operational sounds… Even my biweekly bills are lower.

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