Learning about oil to gas conversion on my furnace repair

For a long time I just lived with an oil heater.

In Terrell, Texas you need to be careful with the heating unit you buy.

I couldn’t buy an electric furnace due to the need for heating. It is strange however that all the people think Texas means that I don’t need a furnace ever. The winter season gets cold. It can drop into the 30s during peak seasons. So that means I have to rely on my furnace most afternoons in the freezing season. An electric furnace would bankrupt me. I then debated between an oil and a gas version. I should have gone with a gas heater. Learn from my mistakes. Now I have an oil furnace that requires an onsite oil tank and oil deliveries. I am totally at the mercy of whoever delivers. While the oil furnace burns a hotter flame and produces more efficient settings, I am not thrilled about the lost space. I legitimately started complaining about my oil furnace to the heating company I had over to my house. The furnace was making a loud noise so I called for a Terrel furnace repair. The guy told me making the switch from oil to gas legitimately wasn’t that bad. I needed to remove the tank and install hookups, however that was mainly it. I could absolutely make a change and have a way better heater. It was a lot to think about during a Texas furnace repair. I might just do it though. I would appreciate owning a gas furnace instead.



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