Looking for commercial boiler services in my area

Wine needs to be kept around 70 degrees no matter what is going on outside

I own a winery in a colder state and keeping it properly heated can be tough. I tried space heaters, heat pumps, and radiators. They just didn’t get the job done. Now I am dabbling in the market of boilers. There are so many different types of boilers to choose from. There are hot water boilers, steam boilers, and combi boilers to name a few. I also found that there are quite a few companies in the area that offer boiler installation but they don’t do service and repair. From my research, I have deduced that boilers are pretty hardy. They really don’t need much in the way of service and repair. It is basically just a checklist they go through and ensure all is well. However, I still would like the opportunity to call for a repair. If I buy a boiler system from someone, I want to know if they can fix it if something goes wrong. I especially want to stick with a boiler service plan since my wine is dependent on being at the right temperature. You can’t let wine get too cold. Since it is alcohol it won’t freeze but it will ruin the fermentation process. I would then need to throw out a huge batch of wine and lose all of that valuable income. Wine needs to be kept around 70 degrees no matter what is going on outside. So I am on the hunt for a commercial boiler dealership that offers installation, repair, and service plans for the equipment. Does anybody know where I can find that?


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