Mold stronghold in air vents

I hated to admit it, but my mom was right

I’ve never thought much about my indoor air quality. Because I don’t suffer from allergies, I’ve always assumed that things were hunky dory when it comes to my breathing air, indoor and out. It wasn’t until my mother came to visit recently that I found out exactly how important it is to keep an eye on your personal air quality. From the moment she walked into my new house, she was insistent that there was something in the air. I thought she was being dramatic as usual, and reassured her that there was nothing wrong with our home. As the day progressed, however, her eyes were noticeably irritated, red, and dry. I thought she would feel better after getting some sleep, but in the morning she looked worse than ever and had even developed a slight cough. She was taking allergy medicine already, but we went to the store and purchased her additional medicine. Still, the respiratory illnesses continued, and she insisted that we take a look at the HVAC system for clues. I was shocked when we popped open the air vents and found mold littering the vents and ductwork! It turns out that the dangerous spores had been residing there all along, spreading through the air every time the central heating or cooling kicked in. Apparently the mold didn’t bother me, but severely affected my mother’s breathing. I hated to admit it, but my mom was right. We called out the HVAC technician right away and I let my mom tell them all about her terrible ordeal.


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