Odd noise coming from my heater

My furnace for an entirely long time was making an odd noise when it turned on.

It was a loud, grinding sound that was super aggravating; Anytime I tried to sleep, I swear that the furnace would fire up and keep me awake all night long.

Eventually I started googling what to do. I changed out the furnace filter. I oiled the blower. I then cleaned everywhere that I could see and access to, then so what was the problem? The noise didn’t stop. I debated on calling a handyman, however after that I decided I didn’t want to change the furnace maintenance to a non-professional one. I ended up googling furnace maintenance Terrell, Texas; Terrell furnace dealers are quite few and far between, living in Texas means that the vast majority caters to a cooling need; Well it does get freezing in Terrell to warrant a heater. I didn’t want to have the opportunity of having no heating in the middle of the winter. The Terrell heating company that I hired was great. They arrived on time, in uniform, and knew instantly what to do. Apparently the issue was my affixion to the air duct. It wasn’t respectfully hooked together and as a result, there was grinding happening. I didn’t get into the nitty gritty. I was just glad that my Texas heating maintenance was low cost and quick. It was entirely nice too that I didn’t need to babysit the dealer. I was able to disinfect my cabin and do laundry while the guy fixed my heating complication. I will be using this Terrell heating provider again.

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