Paid extra to have my Chicago AC maintenance done on a weekend

Chicago, IL gets a reputation for being quite cold plus windy, while that is true, my friend and I do experience some toasty summers, however due to this, AC is a requirement where my friend and I live.

When the a/c is no longer functional, then it is an immense problem, then i was in a bind the other day plus needed a Chicago, IL AC maintenance fast; My cooling system just flat out wouldn’t turn on. I tried changing the air filter, cleaning the inside of it, plus mucking out the condensate drain, nope, that didn’t do anything. I was at a loss. I finally had to call for a Chicago a/c repair. I found a supplier that gave emergency plus after hours service. That was a great deal for me. I don’t have the kind of task that I can just take off from work plus babysit an a/c repairman. I also don’t want to hurry the household right at rush hour to get an a/c repaired. I paid the extra money to have an a/c maintenance done on a weekend plus not super early in the day. I also got them to come the next day my cooling system refused to turn on; So I only went one evening without cooling. Which for those who live in Chicago, you know that the evenings are still toasty. It was uncomfortable, however not too bad. I am blissful that I got my cooling maintenance in Chicago, IL done instantly, having the convenience of a weekend afternoon time was absolutely great too. I don’t mind paying extra for a better time slot. I might do this with service from now on.

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