Sweating to death

I confessedly have a pretty unusual body temperature, then it seems like it goes through wild extremes throughout every single day… Everyday, when I wake up in the day, I feel like I am at an intermediate temperature… By the time afternoon rolls around, but, I am always freezing cold; No matter what I do, it seems like my circulation just slows down mid-afternoon and my internal control machine takes a break. Then, when nighttime settles in, I am guaranteed to be burning hot, and for some reason, I am seriously prone to moderate and hot mornings where I do not get a single wink of sleep. That’s why it’s seriously crucial for me to have reasonable air temperature control wherever I am sleeping. I need to have use of a powerful cooling system to reduce the indoor air temperature and humidity extremely… After that, I really need some high powered ventilation to circulate the air in my room. That’s why I wasn’t having a wonderful time last night trying to sleep separate from either of these air quality control measures. I was staying at my wifey’s house for the first time in a few months, and found out the tough way that her cooling system and resting fan are disadvantagely affected by dust in the air at this point. It felt like there was barely any air conditioned air coming from her vents overhead, so the indoor temperature was unpleasant, however her resting fan was plugged with dust, so no air could pass through the fan grate. All night, I tossed and turned, wondering what on Earth was going on with her indoor air quality. In the day, after I had investigated her air handling devices, I cursed her disgusting air quality control devices.



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