The A/C repair turned out to be a loose affixion to the HVAC duct

Anytime my A/C operated it made a rattling sound.

It was a really odd rumbling that I just didn’t like.

It was hard to sleep in the evening and my home was sort of hot. I knew there was a repair on my hands but I didn’t want to spend the money. I also didn’t want to take off work, talk to a Chicago A/C repair business, and babysit some dude, but, I couldn’t go much longer. I knew A/C repairs don’t magically get better. I chose a Sunday, called a local Chicago A/C repairman, and got my specialist. The guy was super nice, showed up on time, and made the repair fast. He listened to my A/C and immediately knew the issue was the affixion of the HVAC duct to the central unit. Apparently that affixing duct had come loose and just needed to be put back together. He sealed everything all nice and tight. Then the A/C worked like a dream. No more sound, no more tepid air, and a better end result on my biweekly bills. The guy presented a much lower than I expected bill and got out of my hair in no time flat. It was really nice that I got the afternoon off from labor and only had about an hour wasted with the A/C repair business. The rest of the afternoon was mine and I had a good air conditioner operating. I feel deranged that I was so sad about my cooling component when the maintenance was something minor. Procrastinating still would have been bad, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

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